Uche Maduagwu: Gets called out by Chrissy Teigen



​ Attention seeking ‘actor’ Uche Maduagwu took to IG yesterday claiming some actress said he looked like American singer John Legend. John’s wife Chrissy Teigen got wind of this and put him in his place. Read the exchange below.

Uche’s post: 

“OMG… A very popular actress just kissed me in a movie location in Lekki saying I looked like John Legend💋💋💋, please do I really look like John? I don’t think I
look like that American singer oh….

Please you people should stop molesting me with kisses on movie locations “abeg”, my lips are not meant for illegal kisses “biko”… You all should stop embarrassing me with kisses, is it a crime to be one of the sexiest actors in Nigeria?🎬🎬🎬 #repost #nollywood #share #instagram #facebook #love #google #follow #blog #naija #hollywood #pic #cool”

Check out  Chrissy’s reply after his post below

 Uche Maduagwu then used Chrissy’s reply to form as is they are friends. Checkout it out below

“Awww… Thanks for the support dear, John Legends beautiful and adorable wife, my very good friend, a great philanthropist, great Mother, virtuous wife, and a diamond in a very gentle rough, she just made it clear that although, I might not really have her husbands lips, but then, my sexy, delicious and lovely lips are not meant for illegal kisses either…. 
So to all those female Nigerian celebrities trying to kiss me illegally on Movie location, please “back off”, just because am a very Popular actor in Nigeria doesn’t mean I should allow every female celebrity to kiss me illegally, my big sis all the way from America is warning you all, stay clear…. As a matter of fact, just got off phone with her now, she is planning on coming to Nigeria with John, to shoot a big movie…can’t wait to see you both. I told you all am going to be the first Nollywood actor to really bring in Top American A- list celebs into Nigeria for movie shoots. God is great! 
@chrissyteigen #repost #nollywood #naija #Nigeria #instagram #love [email protected] @foxnews @bbc #fashion #share #hollywood #actor @enews #trending#blog #cool #google #pic #kiss”

Hmm…Uche needs to go act and stop all this social media forming.

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  1. The dude is doing good for himself by hyping himself on social media, now its paying off, he is already famous because you the blogs are talkibg about him, so why criticising???

    March 20, 2017 at 1:04 pm

    The dude is doing good for himself, you are talking him, blogs don’t hate…

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