8 out of 10 Nigerian women use skin lightening products! Watch Al Jazeera feature on Nigeria’s Skin Bleaching Business

skin lightening

Most Nigerian men prefer the lighter women because they are more attractive but where does that leave the naturally dark ones? Bleaching! According to the World Health Organization, 8 out of 10 Nigerian Women uses skin lightening product. In this video, Al Jazeera features the Nigerian business of skin lightening product and how it sells. Legendary musician Femi Kuti was also featured where he insisted he does’t bleach but he does “Toning”. It also highlighted the health issues that come with skin lightening such as Kidney Failure


Watch and Enjoy. Is Bleaching cool or not?


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  1. the real luck of education and spiritual alienation……………….the root of poverty endid.

  2. Those men needs be school again. To be taught about
    Beauty. They themselves bleach. What ashame.

  3. In the schools promoting NON bleaching and the DETRIMENTAL effects to the epidermis, kidney and liver!! BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL.. we just need to accept what the creator has blessed us with and the eat right and look after our BEAUTIFUL skin. #OnaNOtobleachingcrusade!!!

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